SpineOMatic was initially introduced as a label printing software that aimed to facilitate the process of printing labels for Ex Libris Aleph library management system. It was designed and created to cater to the specific requirements and needs of the Aleph library management system. As the technology evolved and Alma, a new library management system, was introduced, there was a need to modernize SpineOMatic. Thus, SpineOMatic was updated as an Alma app to provide basic label printing capabilities to support the new system.

However, as the Technion library system transitioned to the new Alma system, it became apparent that SpineOMatic was unable to meet all the unique requirements and demands of the new system. As a result, the library information system of Technion developed LIBstick, which was designed to offer more advanced solutions for libraries.

Here are some of the benefits of LIBstick over SpineOMatic:

• LIBstick is more compatible with the Alma library management system.

• LIBstick provides a wider range of label printing capabilities.

• LIBstick is more automated, which can save libraries time and money.

If you are looking for label printing software that is compatible with the Alma library management system and provides a wide range of capabilities, LIBstick is a great option.

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