Spine label

LIBstick offers a comprehensive range of tools and support, empowering libraries to effortlessly customize, create, and print their own unique spine labels.

With LIBstick, libraries gain complete control over the labeling process. Our intuitive tools enable you to tailor the design of your spine labels, ensuring they align perfectly with your library’s branding and aesthetic preferences. Whether you want to incorporate your logo, select specific fonts, or choose color schemes that complement your library’s atmosphere, LIBstick provides the flexibility you need to create visually stunning labels that reflect your unique identity.

Creating spine labels with LIBstick is a breeze. Our user-friendly interface and step-by-step guidance streamline the process, allowing libraries of all sizes to generate professional-looking labels in no time. You can easily input essential information, such as call numbers, titles, and authors, and customize the layout to meet your specific requirements.

Customize, create, and print your own unique spine labels with libstick.

Spine labels printed with LIBstick

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