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The Keys

LIBstick requires a user, password and a key to access your Library Management system and query its data.

  • FOLIO users – please contact your FOLIO implementor and request to create a designated user & password for LIBstick service as well as API key and tenant name.
  • ALMA users shall follow the below steps to obtain the same information:

  1. Login to Alma developer site:
  2. Create API-KEY (read only) for BIBs
  3. Create API-KEY (read only) for Configuration
  4. Create API-KEY (read only) for Users
  5. Open LIBstick administration screen > LIBstick menu > API’s Keys
  6. In this screen copy and paste both API-KEYS:
    Screen Elements:
    • Region – the region of the institute.
    • Bibs API KEY – required to retrieve item details from Alma
    • Configuration API KEY – required for Alma SET import
    • Users API KEY – required for Alma Users import (e.g. addresses, names tags)
    • Save Keys – stored the API KEYS in LIBstick
    • Check Keys – it is recommended to test that the keys are valid before saving
  7. Click “CHECK KEYS” to check the keys
  8. Click “SAVE KEYS” to save the changes
Alma API keys screen

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