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LIBstick is compatible with Chromium browsers like Google Chrome.

Once the required labels were created, and you are ready to print, simply click on the print button on the top right corner of the screen. The following validation screen will be displayed including 2 important instruction to verify the configuration in the Chrome printing screen that will be opened following this screen:

The Chrome printing screen will display a preview of the board on the right side and printing options on the right:

  • Destination – select the required printer. In case the printer is not in the list choose “See More…” to look it up and add it
  • Layout – verify that the layout either portrait or landscape is aligned with the template and paper you would like to print. In most cases the stickers are printed as portrait.
  • Paper size – verify that the paper size is aligned with the template and paper you would like to print.
  • Margins – must be set to “None“. In case there are margins on the sticker page, they should be configured as part of the paper.
  • Alternatively, it is also possible to use the system dialog that might include additional options according to the selected printer. Options like paper quality, tray and others. This option is available by clicking the link at the bottom.

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