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The account administrator is responsible to create users and assign them with the relevant role.

Create user

  1. Click “Add New” in the admin menu
  2. In the Username field enter a unique user name
  3. In the Email field enter the user’s email
  4. Select a role. Detailed information about the roles in the next chapter
  5. “Skip Confirmation Email”
    By default the user is fully created only after the new user confirms the account by clicking a link in the mail.
    By selecting this check box it is possible to skip this confirmation by the user. The user is fully created immediately after clicking “Add New User”
  6. “Add New User” button to create the user. A welcome mail is sent to the user

Edit user

The administrator can delete and edit users. In the edit screen it is possible to update the name, password, role and other attributes.

Delete user

Users that are deleted by the account manager, are removed from the account and it is no longer possible to login with their credentials. However, the user name and email addresses are kept in the system and so it is not possible to create new users with the same details.


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