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New, dedicated LIBstick account is created for each institute. In some cases, more than one account is per institute.
The institute assigns a focal point to manage as the account administrator with the role “manager”.

The “manager” can create additional users, assign them roles and perform different activities. The following table describes the functionality available for each role:

  1. Manage Self Profile (Maker, Designer, Manager): update first name, last name, change the display name, update the email address, update the password and more.
  2. Manage Users (Manager): create, edit and delete users with following roles: Maker, Designer and Manager.
  3. LIBstick – APIKEY (Manager): update, check and save the API-KEY of the institute account. The API-KEY from Alma need to have only READ permission.
  4. CRUD Templates (Designer, Manager): manage templates – create, read, update and delete templates for the institute account.
  5. Upload Fonts (Designer, Manager): upload new fonts for the institute account.
  6. Upload Logo (Designer, Manager): upload new logo for the institute account.
  7. Manage Papers (Designer, Manager): manage (update and create new ones) paper types attributes for the institute account.

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