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LIBstick cloud app – Ex Libris store

Print in one click directly from Alma screens to LIBstick.

With “Print in LIBstick” Alma app you can send your physical items barcode/s and generate label/s directly from:

  • Single ITEM page – send each time one label to LIBstick from “Physical Item Editor” Alma screen (current release)
  • Single SET page – send Alma SET (either logical or itemized) from Alma to LIBstick (future releases)
  • ITEMS search results page – send multiple labels from Alma to LIBstick (current releases)

First time configuration

  • Enter your LIBstick account URL (e.g. 
  1. Click the SAVE button – redirect you automatically to the main screen of the app.

Note: The configuration will apply to the entire institute – only the first user needs to enter the valid LIBstick account URL

Daily use

When entering relevant screens in Alma the “Print in LIBstick” button becomes enable: 

After clicking the button your LIBstick account will open in a new tab with the relevant label:

From now on, you can send more and more barcodes to LIBstick and generate labels:

Note: “Print in LIBstick” is enabled in specified Alma screens.


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