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Call number formatting

LIBstick features preprepared “Call number format” variations allowing multiple call number presentment over the label.

To take advantage of this functionality, the following selections shall be made:

Fields type = “Alma” (OR “FOLIO”) AND Source = “call_number” ==> Choose Format dropdown menu will turn available.

The last digit of the format name indicates the maximum number of lines for that format. I.e.”Format 10-5″ will use up to 5 lines.

Steps for implementation:

  1. Create new template or use an exiting one with “call number” field.
  2. Scan several barcodes of books to displayed labels on the board.
  3. From the “Actions” menu select “Edit”.
  4. Click the “Edit” icon on the “call_number” field.
  5. Select different formats from the “Choose Format” dropdown.
  6. Note that the labels on the board are automatically updated according to the selected format.
  7. Select the format that is aligned with your needs.
  8. Select the required vertical alignment from the “Call number alignment” menu.
  9. From the “Actions” menu select “Save” to save this template configuration.
  • Pros  – for using the call number formats
    • Different call number format for each template
    • Improved alignment
    • The label layout will be much simpler because there is no need to create a place holder for each call number field
  • Cons – for using the call number formats
    • Not all formats are supported. However, all formats were implemented by the LIBstick team. Therefore, if you encounter a missing format, please send 3 examples (barcodes as well as corresponding sketches of the expected format) and if the request is generic and can serve other users it will be added.

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