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LIBstick browser extension – Google store

Alma extension is a browser extension that adds LIBstick buttons in Alma screens.

The buttons enable to send physical items and entire sets from Alma directly to LIBstick.

Browser compliance

The extension can be installed on any chromium browsers:

Click here for an updated list of chromium browsers.


The extension can be installed in one click directly from the official Chrome store:


After the extension was added to the browse, the LIBstick icon should be displayed on the top right corner.

  1. Click on the LIBstick icon
  2. Select “Options”
  3. In the LIBstick configuration screen enter the link to your LIBstick account. You need to replace the name of the institute marked in red. For example:
  4. Click “Save” button


After the extension is added to the browser LIBstick buttons will be automatically displayed in the following Alma screens:

1. Physical Items search results screen

2. Physical Item Editor screen

3. Set Details screen

4. Received Items List screen

5. In Process Items

6. Scan In Items – for books and users templates

Scan In Item screenshot

7. Borrowing Request –> Requester –> Resource Sharing Partner List – for partners templates

8. Lending Request –> Supplied to –> Resource Sharing Partner List – for partners templates

9. Fulfillment –> Partners –> Resource Sharing Partner List – for partners templates


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