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Layout Configuration

The layout objective is to organize the position of various fields on the label.

This configuration is optional. By default, the fields in the label will be organized according to order one after the other. All fields will have the exact same size.

  1. In LIBstick admin click on “Label Layouts” in the right navigation menu
  2. Create new or edit an existing label layout
  3. Add the title and click to launch the layout generator
  4. In the layout generator you can perform the following actions:
    • Add new rows and columns
    • Remove rows and columns
    • Split cells
    • Combine cells
  5. There is no meaning to the name of each cell
  6. Always use percentage to indicate the width and height
  7. The total accumulation of the width percentage should be 100%
  8. The total accumulation of the height percentage should be 100%
  9. Once done, click the big save button on the left
  10. In the admin page, click on “Publish” to save the configuration

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