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Label is a single representation of sticker on the board.
Labels are generated and added to the board when a barcode is submitted. All the Labels can be edited and dragged to different locations. This feature can save sticker pages by locating the label in the required location for printing.

When hovering over a label with the pointer the label menu appears:

  • Edit – editing the current label fields.
    • Click the edit button. An Edit text menu will open on the left navigation bar.
    • Edit the necessary fields.
    • Press Update.
  • Duplicate – duplicates the current label and adds it to closest free spot on the board.
  • Delete – deletes the current label.

All Actions    – opens the “All Actions” menu in a pop-up window:

  • Edit – editing the current label fields
  • Duplicate N times – drag the controller to indicate the number of times the selected label should duplicate. This option can be used to create multiple barcode labels with a sequence number.
  • Delete current label – deletes the current label.
  • Re order labels – empties out all the label spots that are located prior to the current label, and puts them at the next free spots after the current label, makes the current label first.   

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