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Filter Functions

Filter functions are built-in functions that can be invoked by name in the field Regex configuration.

Function nameDescriptionSyntax ExampleINput ExampleOutput Example
getFirstWord()Return the first wordgetFirstWord()681.3 06 HTML MOR681.3
getSecondWord()Return the second wordgetSecondWord()681.3 06 HTML MOR06
getThirdWord()Return the third wordgetThirdWord()681.3 06 HTML MORHTML
getWord(index)Return the N word, starting from zerogetWord(3)681.3 06 HTML MORMOR
getFirstPlusSecondIfThree()Return the first and the second word if there are 3 words. If not return only the first wordgetFirstPlusSecondIfThree681.3 06 HTML MOR681.3
getStaticValue(string)Return the string sent as parameter and ignore the initial valuegetStaticValue(Central library)681.3 06 HTML MORCentral library
Return the string sent as parameter as prefix before the initial valuegetStaticValueBefore(Central )681.3 06 HTML MORCentral 681.3 06 HTML MOR
Return the string sent as suffix after the initial valuegetStaticValueAfter( Central)681.3 06 HTML MOR681.3 06 HTML MOR Central
getSubString(start,end)Returns sub of the string according to the input parameters: Sstart – Required. The position where to start the extraction. End – Optional. The position (up to, but not including) where to end the extraction. getSubString(3,8)681.3 06 HTML MOR.3 06
getSubStr(start, length)Returns sub of the string according to the input parameters: Start – Required. The position where to start the extraction. First character is at index 0. Length – Optional. The number of characters to extract.getSubStr(4,9)681.3 06 HTML MOR.3 06 HTML
getBetweenCharacters(charStart, charEnd)Returns sub from the first to the end charactergetBetweenCharacters(.,!)681.3 06 HTML! MOR.3 06 HTML
getConcatFields(field_A,field_B, …)Concatenate multiple fields after the exiting one. Each concatenated field will be displayed in a new line. The name of the fields should be based on the names in Appendix 1. The names will be separated by comma with no spaces nor quotes.getConcatFields(title,author)  
getCallNumberReturns sub string of the call number divided to 4Click here for example  

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