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Field Configuration

Field is a placeholder for information related to the book. The template is constructed from a list of fields. Theoretically, there is no limit to the number of fields that can used. Practically, it is subject to the label layout and paper definitions which dictates the proper number of fields. The label height is divided equally between the fields. Text that is extending the label size might not be displayed.

The field customization options:

  • “Choose field type” one of the following options:
    • Alma/FOLIO – the value in the field will be based on a field retrieved from your Library Management System.
    • Image – display an image as part of the label. More details on manager images in “Administration” chapter. More details on adding image to template in this chapter.
    • Sequence – display a number that is automatically incremental for every new template. More details on sequence number configuration in “Administration” chapter.
  • “Choose Source” sets the fields’ source from a list of the available sources that are retrieved in Alma/FOLIO. Used in “Alma” OR “FOLIO” field type.
  • “Choose Image Source” sets the fields’ source from a list of upload images. Used only in “Image” field type.
  • “Hide if empty” removes the height of the field if the value is empty. This feature is available for “default” (linear) label layout.
    For example, there are 4 fields so each one gets 25% of the entire label height. If field #2 is empty so each of the remaining fields will be assigned with 33.3% of label height.
    Used only in “Alma/FOLIO” field type.
  • “Display as Barcode” displays the selected field value as barcode in “CODE128” format. The width and height of the displayable barcode can be configured using the 2 dropdowns. Used “Alma/FOLIO” and “Sequence” field types.
  • “Choose font” sets the current field’s font from a pre-defined font list.
    Additional custom fonts can be added to the drop down.
  • “Choose text size” sets the current fields’ text size starting from 8px up to 24px.
  • “Choose text align” sets the current fields’ text alignment. The options are: Left, Center, Right, Justify
  • “Bold\Italic\Underline” switches are used to set the current fields’ style.
  • “Choose text color” changes the current fields’ text color by picking a color from the color picker or entering the colors’ Hex Code.
  • “Margins” set custom margins for each field – top, left, bottom and right margins.
  • “Formatting” – enable users to update the value of the field. This is an advanced feature. For example, displaying the call number in multiple lines according to some logic.
  • There are 3 ways to use assign filter:
    • Built in functions that can be invoked from this field.
      More details and the list of function in “Filter functions” chapter.
    • Custom JavaScript functions.
      In cases where there is a specific logic, it is possible to write JavaScript function and invoke them for a specific field.
      More details on JavaScript functions in “Administration” chapter.
    • Regular expression.
      The field excepts regular expressions which are executed once the focus of the field changes.
      More details on Regex:
      Regex examples:
Get last word after space[\s]+([a-zA-Z0-9\u0590-\u05FF_]*)$57 CHECHE
Exclude first word([a-zA-Z0-9\u0590-\u05FF_.-\s]*)?\s57 CHE TECHCHE TECH
  • When done creating\editing the new template press the X button on the left navigation bar and press the Actions > Save button to save your changes.

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