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The board is the main grid on the right side of the screen which displays the labels.
The size of the grid, number of rows and columns is based on the selected template. The selected template along with the selected paper also define the size of the labels and the margins.

The 3 dots icon above the top right corner of the board is a menu:

  • Clear board – removes all the labels and clear the board. Can be used for example after printing is complete.
  • Save board – Stores the board labels.

The first tab “Save new” enable to save the board with a specified name.

By default, the board is saved as “Public” meaning it can be loaded and used by other users in the institute.

In case the “Private” check box is selected, the board will be available only for the user which created it.

The second tab “Update exiting” enable to override and replace a previously saved version.

  • Load board – Load labels that were previously saved.

The first tab “All board” enable to select and load public boards in addition to boards created by the user. A user with role “manager” can delete unused boards.

The second tab “My board” enable to select and load boards created by the user. The user can select and delete unused boards in this list.

By default, the labels of on the screen are cleared and fully replaced by the loaded board.
In case the “Add to exiting board” check box is selected the exiting labels on the screen will not be cleared. The new loaded labels will be added to the board, after the exiting labels.

  • Sort board – Sort the labels according to the selected field.

The fields for selecting the sorting order are according to the fields in the template.

By default, the sorting order is ascending. In case the “Descending” check box is selected the sorting order will be descending.


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