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Call number – formatting by ALMA

Alma enables several parsing routines (formatting) subject to the call number type. The parsing is performed by Alma. The parsing results are then retrieved by LIBstick and displayed on the label.

To take advantage of ALMA’s parsing please proceed as the following:

  1. Configure parsing routine in Alma:
  2. In LIBstick, create several fields according to the parsing routine configured in Alma. For each field select call_number_parsed_x as the source.
  • For example, Alma first parsing routine logic generate up to 5 lines. Accordingly , there is a need to create 5 fields in LIBstick and assign them the following sources:
    • call_number_parsed_1
    • call_number_parsed_2
    • call_number_parsed_3
    • call_number_parsed_4
    • call_number_parsed_5

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