Barcode label

Barcode labels have become the go-to method for swiftly identifying books at the circulation desk.

They offer a convenient and efficient way to manage library materials, ensuring smooth check-in and check-out processes. With LIBstick, generating barcode labels is made easy and hassle-free.

LIBstick provides the functionality to generate barcode labels tailored to specific preferences. Librarians can customize the size and colors of the barcodes, allowing for a visually appealing and easily recognizable labeling system. Additionally, LIBstick supports the most common barcode standards, ensuring compatibility with various scanning devices and systems.

What sets LIBstick apart is its flexibility in generating barcodes. Librarians have the option to create barcodes based on any field from the book metadata. This means that essential information such as the book’s title, author, or ISBN can be encoded into the barcode.

Moreover, LIBstick offers a built-in sequence number feature, enabling the generation of unique barcodes for every book in the library. This ensures that each item has its distinct identifier, enhancing inventory management and preventing confusion or misplacement of materials. The sequential barcode system streamlines the process of cataloging and tracking books, making it easier for librarians to locate and manage specific items within their collections.

In conclusion, barcode labels are essential tools for effectively managing books in a library setting. LIBstick empowers librarians by offering the ability to generate customizable barcode labels that are aligned with the industry standards.

Customize, create, and print your own unique barcode labels with libstick.

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